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10/20/11: One Thing I Learned About Myself…

if You REALLY pay attention to me, you will notice One thing:


idk what’s wrong with me, i just NEVER stop moving…i can NEVER stay still. i used to notice it in ALOT of other people, but Now i notice it in Myself! & when i really think about it, i realized that i have ALWAYS been this way.

sitting in class, i can’t sit still during lectures. i can pay attention to All the Necessary details and information of the lecture, but all the Extra shit, the Extra explanations that aren’t really relevant, i start feeling impatient. in my mind im like “Omg, Shut The Fuck UP!!!…Like, i GET IT!!!” Then i star fidgeting in my seat, i put my iPod in my ears & turn the music down to where no one else can hear it yet it’s Still acceptable volume to ME, i vibe to the music. & even when i’m asked to take my headphones off, i can Still hear music in my head, so i nod my head to the music i hear in my mind. You would think i had a pair of invisible headphones in my ears. i don’t shake or tremor or anything like that, so i know for a fact that i don’t have any kind of disorder….i’m just truly Musically Inclined. 

i’m weird as shit yo…in public places, i would walk while beating my hands in the air making instrumental patterns in my head or patterns to songs that i think about. at home, i walk downstairs with my music on blast & pace the floor back & forth from the living room to the kitchen for idek how long…i don;t even find myself getting tired of it or bored with it. i can Literally do this for several hours per day.

This is why i say that I AM NEVER BORED, because even when there’s absolutely NOTHING to do, i ALWAYS find SOMETHING to do. truth be told, ever since i could remember, people always said i was the type to “make Something out of Nothing”, i hands down agree with this statement.

That’s just the person I am, one who NEVER stops. this is just some real shit:

"If you want to keep me Happy, keep me Busy.” 

real shit, that is all.

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